A Web 2.0 Experience

I’ve spent the last few days getting caught up on all the Web 2.0 services that are out there. Some of my favorites are:

  • Claim ID – Claim ID lets you “manage your online identity.” I prefer to equate it to Internet Tagging. In the modern day, most employers (or people curious about you) will do a Google Search on your name to find sites that reference you. As more people get an online presence, decipering these results will get more complicated. In my case, there is a Shawn Grimes the Web Designer and then there is me, Shawn Grimes the IT Security Architect, developer, and author of AIM Sniff. With Claim ID, you can define what sites are related to your online identity and which sites are NOT. This can be especially useful if you share the name of a MySpace teen.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social networking site. There have been a ton of these but this is the first I’ve ever used (mainly because it’s the first I ever recieved an invite too). This site is focused around business and professional relationships. It’s a nice way to see what people are up to professionally and find opportunities (or candidates to fill positions). And of course, you can browse my profile: Shawn Grimes.
  • OnXiam – OnXiam is a way to keep track of your online identities. It gives people a place to find all the different ways to contact you and the presence you have on different sites. I wish instead that you could have a single online identity that was recognized at many sites (See the Open ID project) but until that time, sites like this will have to do.

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