New job, new car, new phone…

Things have really been changing for me lately. I got a new job, a new car and a new cell phone.

The new car is a 2006 VW Jetta 2.5 from Cook Volkswagen, my sales guy was Randy. I love it so far. It’s a very smooth ride, fully loaded and most of all, comfortable. The only complaint I have so far (and it’s not really a complaint but more of an observation) is that the steering wheel has a button with a picture of a phone on it. The sales guy told me that I could connect my bluetooth phone to the car. Well the manual says the button’s function is “N/A” and I can’t find anything online about it either. I press it, hold it, etc, and nothing happens. That’s a little dissapointing since I have a bluetooth phone now. I sent an email to VW and I put a call into my sales guy but haven’t heard back from either yet.

The new phone is a Palm Treo 700p. The phone is decent but man does it reset a lot. I have Toccer for AIM and Chatter for my email client and I can only assume that they are causing the resets (since they run all the time in the background). The battery life kind of stinks too; I don’t even get a full day in. I assume it might be caused by having email and IM running constantly but come on, that’s what I bought the phone for. The EVDO on it rocks, fast as can be.

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