OpenID on PostNuke (Proof of Concept)

I just spent the last 3 days roughly incorporating OpenID into PostNuke based on the example code supplied with the PHP libraries. I’m not a PHP developer or a PostNuke developer. I’m just a hacker(in the original sense of the term) who is very interested in this project and it’s impact on web communities. I implemented OpenID on one of my
wiki’s (, and then on my drupal site ( (aka Here) and I just decided that I will not use another web community that does not support OpenID. Some of my sites are in PostNuke so that was the next step for me and since there wasn’t
something available already, I had to do it myself.

I had to modify 5 files and a column definition in the database. I’m currently only using a filestore but I’d like to move it to a mysqlstore. It’s needs to be tested a little more and moved to the mysqlstore but then I’ll be happy to release the diff files. If you want, give it a try and help me work the bugs out:

I’m using:
PHP 5.1.4
Apache 2.0.51

Next steps would be:
1) Create an account if you try to login with OpenID but don’t yet have a local account (similar to what is done with Drupal now, I like that).
2) Move it to mysqlstore instead of filestore

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