Labor Day Weekend 2006

We went to Ocean City, MD this year for Labor Day Weekend along with Maria and Justin. We drove down Friday night right smack in the middle of Hurricane Ernesto (by that time it was just a Tropical Storm though). The rain was really coming down good and sometime the winds were hard to judge. I would make a small correction to keep us from being blown right and then the wind would change directions all of a sudden and I would have to make a quick adjustment to prevent being half way into the next lane. When we were driving through Dewey and Bethany Beaches, there were still the hardcore partiers running through the streets from bar to bar in their trash bag ponchos.

Sabrina and I arrived at the trailer around 9:30pm. After we unloaded the car (no easy feat in high winds), we started to clean. Sabrina vacuumed and made the beds while I cleaned up the bathroom. We brought down a new shower curtain and shower caddy so I installed those and scrubbed the shower walls a little. They were much cleaner than before but they still need some work, if not replacement. Maria and Justin arrived about an hour later. They were at a wedding so they couldn’t leave right after work like us. We gave them the grand tour of the trailer and then just talked for a while. In fact, before we knew it, it was 1am.

The next morning, after some confusion, we headed to the “Corner Cafe” for breakfast. It’s one of my favorite places to grab a morning meal while I’m at the beach. The food isn’t cheap and the service isn’t always great but it’s really good food and I love the small shop feel when I go in there. It’s always the same people working there and they are nice as can be.

After breakfast we headed out to play Putt-Putt. Of no surprise, Sabrina won. The biggest news of the day was that I even beat Justin, the self-proclaimed master of Putt-Putt. To be fair, they had never played this course but it is one of my favorites.

When we got back from putt-putt, I got a call from the Grove Market saying that they needed to cancel our reservations for that night because they had no power as a result of Ernesto. I told them that we would be there through Monday so if anything opened up, to let us know. We were all a little bummed that we might not get to go to the Grove Market. There had been so much hype about this place and the quality of it’s food that it was supposed to be one of the highlights of our trip. We decided to go drown our sorrows at Seacrets for happy hour and then head to Hall’s for dinner. Hall’s has a fantastic all you can eat seafood buffet (and I’m not one for buffets in general). They have king crab legs which I love to eat. Sabrina can put away a monster amount of food there so she always makes sure we get our money’s worth 🙂

It was about 7:30pm when we left Hall’s. We wanted to go out dancing that night but it was a little early. We took the bus down to the Party Block aka the Paddock. If you get there before 9:30pm, you beat the cover, we were there by 8:30. The club was practically empty but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. The details of the rest of the night aren’t for public consumption but rest assured we had a really good time.

The next morning was rough. Justin was sick, supposedly from something he ate (even though we all ate the same thing). I was sick later on from a wicked migraine that crept up. In the trailer, there really isn’t anywhere to retreat to find relief from a migraine. The hardware store noises creep in, there isn’t a room you can hide from the light in, and even the highway noises bear down. If those noises weren’t bothering, I swear I could hear the lighthouse flicking on and off. I finally just sucked it up, walked into the bathroom and made myself get sick. Afterwards, I quickly fell asleep and got myself the rest I knew I needed. We were all a little out of it most of the day and went to Laytons for a late dinner. That place was DEAD!! I think we were the only ones in there. Laytons is popular for their breakfast but their dinners are real good too. They have that home made appeal to them. Our waitress was from Siberia and she was headed home the next morning. She chatted a little bit about how much she loved working here but missed her home. Talking to her reminded me of our exchange student from the Ukraine.

It was go kart time after dinner and we drove down to the Baja courses. The first course was great. I quickly passed Sabrina and Maria (after bumping them out of the way) and then sped off to catch up with Justin. Him and I battled for position for a little while. I bumped him out of the way for a quick pass and then he T-Boned me into oblivion. In the midst of our battles, someone else passed us. Our new goal became just getting one of us in front of that guy. Justin tried to take the inside and with a small bumper bump from me, Justin was out in front. The second course kind of stunk for me. My car was dead slow. I couldn’t catch up to anyone so I was just trying to keep people from passing me. I did manage to hold everyone off but it wasn’t easy.

On Monday, we had our new reservation for the Grove Market. We drove by it once and it is literally a small shack on the side of the road. When we walked inside, we realized why you had to make reservations so far in advance, there was only seating for 12 people! The food was spectacular. It was a 5 star restaurant in a shack, a clear demonstration that if your food and service are good, people will come. It’s not the cheapest meal by far though. The 4 of us had appetizers, a bottle of wine and sodas, entrees and desserts for about $225. It’s not an every time trip, but it’s nice once in a while.

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