Our Fabulous Wedding…

Well our wedding day has come and gone. It was quick but boy was it a lot of fun. Everything really fell into place and it was just such a great night. Sabrina was breath taking and our ceremony was great. I’m so happy that we have taken this step in our relationship. We’ve always been committed to each other but now we’ve declared that commitment before all of our family and friends. Sabrina and I have been together for a long time but this wedding has united our familys. I feel like all of a sudden I have additional grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that will share their love with me as they have with my lovely new wife.

Anyway, I have to pack for our honeymoon but I wanted to get something up here before we left. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone who attended or sent their warm wishes to us. It was a busy night and I know I didn’t get to see everyone but I do appreciate everything everyone has done for us.

More pictures will follow when we get back so stay tuned. If you have pictures, I would love to see them so please send us copies (either electronically or printed). Thank you again to everyone. We love you all!

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