T minus 7

The wedding is now just a week away. I get more anxious as the big day draws near. We are in the process of tying up all the last minute details, things like the seating chart, finalizing the ceremony and reception timeline, etc. This weekend we plan to make the favors and Sabrina is heading out to The Melting Pot with her girls on Sunday. Next week we have to deliver all of our stuff (champagne flutes, cake knife, favors, programs, etc.) to the hotel so that they can set it up for us.

Last night I happen to be up working late and I caught a re-run of Rachel Ray’s “$40 a day” where she happend to be in Antigua, our honeymoon stop. It was a pretty funny coincidence to me and I almost woke Sabrina up but I didn’t think she would find it as humorous at 2:30am. The place was absolutely gorgeous. Apparently, it served as a shipping yard for the British Navy and is a very popular location for yachts and sail boats.

I took a look at the Sandals page today and noticed that they offered Scuba at the resort. I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving so I’m hoping we find time to do that. The closest I ever came was during our cruise in Cozumel. We were snorkeling and I kept diving down to the scuba class that was swimming below us. I don’t think they were real happy that I could dive and swim with them and they had to use tanks 🙂

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