Ubuntu Migration

I’ve been slowly moving most of my websites off my server at home and onto my GoDaddy VPS. All the sites were eating up my bandwidth and I got tired of dumping money into another machine to keep it up to date so I decided to cough up the dough and go the VPS route. I still have my Ubuntu MythTV box that I’ve been moving some features too that I don’t want on the VPS. Last night/early this morning, I moved my imap and mail server from my old webserver to my Ubuntu box. I haven’t yet moved all my mail over but I used the Postfix and IMAP Ubuntu instructions I found here: http://www.howtoforge.org/perfect_setup_ubuntu_5.10_p4

The mail migration might be a little more tricky. The new imap server seems to use folder names preceeding with a ‘.’ so I’ll have to rename my old folders to the new format.

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