Our Reception

Coordinator: Charlene Libertini of Your Day Your Way!
Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Whitermarsh, MD
DJ & MC: Derek Heckler of Dance Masters DeeJay Services
Photographer: Greg Blank of Conte Photo
Cake: Woodlea Bakery
Florist: Teri from Heavenly Flowers

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  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Honeymoon

    Our reception was so much fun! We were so honored to have our family and friends share in our celebration.

    I didn’t feel like I had enough time to talk to everyone but I think I could have had 12 hours and I still wouldn’t have had enough time. It was just so great seeing everyone that I wanted to stand and chat with them. Even though I didn’t have enough time to see everyone, I didn’t feel rushed or like I missed anything. Like so many parts of this wedding, it was perfect!

    Video of our first dance together as husband and wife.
    Music: “Better Together” by Jack Johnson

    Video of Sabrina and her Dad dancing
    Music: “I Loved Her First” by Heartland

    Video of Shawn and his Mom dancing
    Music: “Fair Share” by Tom Acousti

    Thoughts about our vendors
    I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone that was involved in our wedding. It all just went so perfectly. Thanks in large part to our planner and her excellent recommendations for vendors. I would like to say something about each of our vendors and how they contributed to our fairy tale wedding.

    Our Coordinator, Charlene Libertini of Your Day Your Way!
    I can’t say enough about Charlene. We went to her in November of 05 and asked her to help us with our wedding. You would think that getting engaged two years before your wedding would be plenty of time to plan but with our busy schedules, the only thing we had picked was October 06 and a chocolate fountain. Charlene really helped us put together time lines and due dates and really worked well in our budget. Her connections and recommendations saved us money and we relied heavily on her recommendations and suggestions. If you open up the phonebook looking for a DJ, you’ll see thousands, Charlene was able to recommend small sub-sets from each vendors that we would meet with and interview. This saved us from wasting our valuable time chasing down possible vendors.

    She recognized that we were going to be a very unique couple but she always worked with our quirks and our odd requests. Without Charlene’s guidance, we would not have had all the great vendors that made this event such a success. She was the mastermind behind our event and she was instrumental in turning our dreams and ideas into reality.

    Our wedding could not have gone any better and it was Charlene’s careful planning and attention to detail ahead of time that allowed us to be relaxed and care free in the days leading up to the big day. On the day of, her years of experience allowed her to have everything carefully timed out and we were able to get the most out of our time with our friends and family. We wanted to have fun and not have to worry about anything and Charlene helped us accomplish that from day 1. Charlene’s involvement also allowed my family and friends to relax and have a good time too. I kept telling our Mothers that they didn’t have to do anything, just show up and have a good time, Charlene would take care of the rest. Our Moms didn’t have to worry about getting us lined up or making sure that everything was set up. Instead, they got to spend time with us and enjoy the day with us. It was a great feeling knowing that none of my family had to “work” on the day of our wedding and everyone could take part in our celebration.

    Hilton Garden Inn
    The Hilton did an excellent job setting everything up and catering our wedding. The food was delicious! I just wish I had had more of an appetite to eat it all. I did make sure to get a bite of everything: double stuffed garlic & butter baked potato, baby carrots and raisins in an orange glaze, and a chicken marsala. The chocolate fountain they provided was beautiful and tasty!

    The staff that set up the room, fed the guest and kept them well refreshed with drinks was great too! Shellie did a great job making sure we were happy with every little detail up to the last minute and then Mattie and Pete took over from there. That team is really great and a lot of fun to work with. It was great not only knowing that everyone was served well but all the staff was fun to joke around with and very personable.

    DJ Derek Heckler of Dance Masters Deejay Services
    Words can’t describe what an outstanding job Derek did at our wedding. He was much more than a DJ/MC. Derek really catered to our needs even though he didn’t have too. His interaction with the crowd and especially with my family members was outstanding. He was able to get everyone dancing without seeming pushy or overbearing. Derek was never afraid to go above and beyond what are considered normal DJ duties. He got us drinks and deserts and he made sure even the younger kids were involved and had a good time. And he made sure the photographer was near when something big was about to happen.

    Our ceremony was very unique and Derek did a great job with all of the custom music that we selected. The volume, transitions, and queues were all fantastic. When our 15 month old ring bearer was hesitant about walking up the aisle, Derek stepped out from behind his laptop and speakers and coaxed the little boy up. I really can’t say enough good things about the guy. He is an epitome of courteous and good service.

    To their credit, Dance Masters Deejay Services have done a great job selecting high quality people to represent their company. Sue and Don Fowler (who also choreographed our first dance) run a great company and ensure that their employees are familiar with all aspects of a successful wedding, not just spinning tracks.

    Photographer Greg Blank of Conte Photo
    Of all the vendors, Greg probably had it the toughest. The photographer was supposed to be “my thing” and I didn’t want the main thing I was in charge with to be the weak link. So I was very critical when there was a last minute change to our photographer and I had not seen any of his work. Having worked with him in the past, our wedding planner eased my concerns and provided me with several references for Greg. I trusted the planner so I didn’t bother contacting the references but it was comforting to know they were there. As it turned out, Greg did an outstanding job.

    At the ceremony, Greg had a great eye for composition. I would tell Greg who needed to be in the picture and he would use his professional experience to compose the picture in an appealing way. He was also great working with our 15 month old ring bearer.

    During the reception, the guy was everywhere and a picture taking machine. We never felt like he was in your face or in the way but then all of a sudden a flash would go off. He was very professional and let us knew when he was going to eat his meal so that we didn’t plan anything big but then before you knew it, flash bulbs were going off again.

    Greg was very personable but also very professional. He had a good balance for knowing what he needed to be doing but also taking some time to talk to us and get to know us in a short period of time.

    The Cake by Woodlea Bakery
    The cake was part of our package with the hotel but it was a fantastic cake. It was very good and the people we met with from Woodlea were very nice too. We made a last minute change to the cake a week before the wedding and they were very accommodating.

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