Crazy Weekend!

This weekend was absolutely insane! Our butler turned friend, Larry, from our Honeymoon in Antigua was staying in PA. He traveled up here to propose to his girlfriend (she said “Yes”) that he had been having a long distance relationship with for a while. He called me early last week to ask if I could give him a ride to the Philadelphia airport on Monday morning. Of course I agreed and the plan was set for him to stay with us Sunday night. Sabrina and I were excited about getting to see Larry again. Not only is he a really nice guy, but he’s attached to our memories of Antigua so it’s a short trip down memory lane.

On Friday, Larry called us and he wanted to take his fiance, Juliet, with him to Antigua but he wasn’t sure what the traveling requirements were from the U.S. perspective. After a lot of research from Sabrina (and a story too long to tell), we were off to Nazarus, PA (a 6 hour round trip) to pick up Larry and Juliet on Friday night. We arrived back from our trip at about 1:30 Saturday morning and after a quick cat nap, we were on the road by 5:30am headed off on another 6 hour round trip to Richmond, VA so that Juliet could get an extra birth certificate to apply for a passport. After picking up the birth certificate, we had to rush home to get Juliet to the post office by our house for her Passport appointment at noon.

Saturday night was great. My friend and co-worker, Igor, had his 40th birthday party at the Russian restaurant Europe in Pikesville. It was a great time with a lot of different foods. I tried many things that I would have never eaten before like beef tongue, pork tongue, eel, duck, octopus, seaweed salad, and caviar. All of it was very good. The party went from 8:00pm until 4:00am the next morning but with the little sleep that we were getting that weekend, I could only last until about 1:30am.

On Sunday night we drove out to Frederick to have dinner with Nick for his birthday. By this time, we were all pretty dead tired so we didn’t make a very long night of it. Nick and I talked business a little bit about our program Baseball Nuke and Larry finally got to talk sports with someone (Nick).

We left our house at 4:30am Monday morning to get Larry and Juliet up to the airport by 6am. I was sad to see them go especially since we really didn’t have anytime to show them anything about Baltimore. We were so rushed that we didn’t really get to hang out and show them any of the sites. I guess we’ll have to save that for next time!

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