Grad School

I’ve been accepted to Graduate School at my alma mater, Capitol College. Over the next two years I will be pursuing a Masters of Science degree in Information Assurance. The three semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall) are split into two-8 week terms. Each 3 credit course is 3 hours/night, 1 night/week.

My current plan has me taking two courses the second term of this Spring semester (because I missed the first term). Then I will take 1 course/term and complete all the necessary credits in December 2008. That’s the plan anyway. My new job gives me $8k/year towards college tuition (provided a get an A or B in the class) so I will have to put some money out of pocket in order to finish in two years but it will be worth it to get done in a reasonable time.

I’m looking forward to going “back to school” again. You get to think a lot more generally in school than at work. At work, you are constantly goal or project oriented and you can sometimes get tunnel vision. With college, topics are more broad and generalized and more theoretical. Having that broad understanding can really help to see future or outlying problems with projects that you are working on. I met a lot of great people my first go around at Capitol and I’m sure I will have a similar experience the second time. All of my classes will be online so I don’t have to worry about commuting.

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