What’s going on?

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now and fortunately, all of them good. The new job is going great, my commute is great, we are headed back to the Carribean, and I’m getting edu-ma-cated.

I’m really enjoying my new job. The work is really interesting and the people are fun and intelligent. It takes me time to get warmed up to people and make friends but I feel like I will be here long enough to make plenty. Getting used to a new manager is challenging too. I worked for Frank for 3 years so I knew what was expected of me but now I’m starting fresh again. It’s exciting but nerve wracking at the same time. I’m constantly thinking, am I producing enough? am I giving him too much information? too little? does he think I’m a slacker?

One of my major concerns with taking this job was the commute. Going to Owings Mills is just a pain (well going isn’t that bad but coming home is awful with traffic). Going downtown was easy but parking was $10/day. My Grandfather suggested the bus, which I laughed off initially but then a guy at work told me that he takes the bus from Whitemarsh to work too. So now I take the bus to work downtown. It cost me $2/one way which is well worth it since it doesn’t cost me gas, tolls, or parking. I pick it up at the mall, Sabrina drops me off and picks me up so I don’t even have to leave a car at the park and ride if I don’t want too. It’s a great place to read and listen to music/podcast and best of all, I’m not stressed out about traffic. I find I’m in a much better state of mind when I get home and when I get to work.

We are going back to Antigua in March. Larry, our butler on our Honeymoon, is getting married and he asked if we would come down and be in the wedding. Now that the cold weather has finally hit Baltimore, the sun and warm water of Antigua is that much more inviting. We’ll be staying in the hotel next to the Sandals we stayed at for our Honeymoon but it will be the same beach. Our butler has gotten us some day passes to use the facilities (and food) at Sandals.

I’m starting Graduate school on 2/27. Work is giving me 8K/year towards it. I can be done in two years if I fork out $500/year, which I plan to do. Get in and get out as usual. Afterwards, I’d like to look into teaching part time or even a Phd. But I haven’t looked into those options too much yet.

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