Fun Weekend

Over the weekend I worked on a few fun projects. The simplest was an upgrade of Drupal for this site. The most challenging (even though it was quite simple) was a conversion of a computer power supply to a 12-volt power supply to charge my RC helicopter LiPo battery. I will post pictures and notes from my power supply conversion in a day or two.

Today also marks the start of my diet (again). I want to lose a few pounds before we head down to Antigua in March and then I want to lose even more by the time I go to Philmont in July. My short term goal is to lose about 15 lbs before Antigua and be around 215. Then I’d like to lose an additional 20 lbs by July 15th (when I leave for Philmont).

Why am I going to Philmont? I was invited to attend the Philmont training program for Boy Scout leaders. So in lieu of me going to week camp this year, I’m going to take a week and learn how to be a better Assistant Scoutmaster. The training looks interesting and it will give me a chance to finally see Philmont, NM since I regrettably missed my opportunity and chose not to go when my Troop went.

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