Go beyond Vista!

Go beyond Vista! That was the ad campaign running at the Apple store when I was there over the weekend. I’ve browsed the Apple store many times but this weekend was the first I walked out of the store with a lighter wallet and a box under my arm.

New mac book

I needed a new laptop and I’ve been eying up a mac for a while now. I love the fact that the operating system is based on BSD Linux and it doesn’t look too shabby either. There is a wealth of free open source software available for the mac that makes it even more user friendly, productive and appealing. Some things that I’ve installed on my mac are:
Firefox 2 Web Browser
Get Thunderbird! Email Client

AdiumX (IM client for multiple protocols such as AIM, MSN, GoogleTalk, Jabber, etc.)
NeoOffice – Open Office for OSX
Aquamacs – emacs text editor

Mr. Gates will see his market share shrink even more this year as the only windows pc left in our house is a desktop running Windows XP that will not be upgraded to Vista but most likely replaced with Ubuntu linux or a mac when the time comes.

New mac book

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