Antigua – again!

We just got back from our mini-vacation to Antigua. It’s a little early for a second honey moon but it was very nice none-the-less. Our tour guide and former butler, Larry, took us all over the island showing us the sites and my favorite, the food of the island.


Larry and Juliet took us to Shirley Heights for a great view and Larry gave us a very thorough history of the island. Larry’s days as a tour guide really made the sites not only breathtaking, but interesting as well.

I love to taste local cuisine whenever we travel anywhere. Being the weekend, there were a ton of road side stands set up selling everything from fruit and vegetables to goat water, burgers, and chicken. We tried finger rolls, which can best be described as a short, slightly unripened banana with a chalky texture. Despite the description, it tasted great. We also tried goat water which is basically a broth (with lots of cloves) with goat meet in it. The goat meet was very tender and fell apart in your mouth. It reminded me a lot of a good pot roast cooked in a slow cooker. The chicken and burgers from the local stands was fantastic too. The burgers had onions on them that were marinated in an island sauce that gave the burger that Caribbean taste. We also snacked on raw sugar cane, which I like to call fiberous and sweet.

We also managed to kick back and relax a little on the beach. I nearly lost my wedding band in the ocean after it slipped off my finger while diving for a football. The four of us scoured the ocean floor for over an hour when Larry finally came up with it on his finger and said, “Well, well, well.” It was quite amazing. Larry said that people lose their rings in the ocean every day at Sandals and he remembers one guy even lost his in the pool. We were very fortunate to have found it and I’m very proud of the tan line I have because of it.


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