baseballNuke 2.0

It’s been a lot of late nights but Nick and I finally released this year’s major revision to baseballNuke, our baseball team and stats management module for PHP Nuke. We had about an hour to spare to make our 3/25 release date but we did it.

–New Features–
Statistics columns are now sortable
Practice schedule
Tournament schedule
Team leaders blocks added
Added Totals to pitching stats on team stats page
Added fielding stats
added team leaders page
added team practice schedule
added tournaments schedule
format of game column on playerstats now opponent on date (formerly home vs. away on Date)
pitching stats sorted by name
added reached on error, fielders choice, hit by pitch,and left on base to batting stats.
Added Key to explain stats for pitching, batting and fielding pages.

–Bugs Fixed–
Total not displayed for pitching stats
module does not work with themes using images in tables (homeplate)
Pitching stats disappear after editing game with existing results

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