Portable Applications

http://portableapps.com is a great place to find Open Source applications that can be loaded onto a usb drive and run without installing. Imagine carrying the Firefox web browser and all of your bookmarks wherever you go. Or your calendar and to do lists.

Consider the Possibilities…

  • Carry your web browser with all your favorite bookmarks
  • Carry your calendar with all your appointments
  • Carry your email client with all your contacts and settings
  • Carry your instant messenger and your buddy list
  • Carry your whole office suite along with your documents and presentations
  • Carry your antivirus program and other computer utilities
  • Carry all your important passwords and account information securely

Consider the Convenience…

  • Have your favorite websites handy to recommend to a friend or colleague
  • Have your presentation AND the required software ready to go for that big meeting
  • Have your password with you if you want to bank online while traveling
  • Have utilities handy when visiting family or friends that are having PC problems

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