Memorial Day 07 at the Beach

Pictures from the trip

We took a trip to the beach for Memorial Day with our friends Justin and Maria. Even though we went up through Delaware, traffic was still really bad Friday night. We left a little after 7pm and we were lucky if we actually hit the speed limit on most roads.

One of the best parts of going to the beach is all the yummy food that I don’t get to eat back home. Saturday breakfast had us at the Coach’s Corner Diner for cream chipped beef and fresh squeezed orange juice. You just can’t beat the taste of natural OJ. We spent the day at the beach and had lunch at the Oceanside Pizzeria.

The beach was very warm on Saturday but the water was a little brisk. After a few minutes in the water, you could barely feel your feet. Justin taught me how to play bocce ball and we made a new friend Jimmy 🙂 On our way back from the beach, the sky opened up and a torrential down pour of liquid sunshine followed on our walk home. It was a really good storm filled with lightening and thunder that had Abby seeking comfort on my lap for a good hour or two.

We did Hall’s Saturday night for dinner and of course, King Kone for desert. Justin and I stayed up watching “A Dirty Shame” a fantastically twisted movie shot right in Baltimore on Harford Rd by local director/writer John Waters.

On Sunday morning I got up super early and went to the beach to watch the sunrise and take some pictures. It was a very good time. I got to take a look at the beach from a perspective that few people see. The beach was all a buzz with sand crabs cleaning out their burrows and birds scouring the beach for breakfast. It was a very refreshing experience.

After the beach, the calmness was over as I tried (and eventually succeeded) to get us some Fractured Prune donuts. It’s a long story but it took me about an hour and a half to get them (only 30 minutes of that was waiting in line). Crazy thing is, they were delicious and worth it 🙂 I would do it again.

We did the beach again but this time, the beach was chilly and the water was warm. Justin and I tested our skill at skim boarding and had a blast. It was a lot of fun busting my arse and getting up laughing and going at it again. I definitely won’t be going pro any time soon but I will be sure to practice some more the next I’m down there.

We left Sunday night since we were going to the NCAA Division I championships on Monday with Derek (Congrats Hopkins!). The drive home went by quick, but that’s because I was sleeping 🙂 Sabrina said there wasn’t much traffic though and we made it home in about 2.5 hours.

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