Naked Hiking Day

Today features a little known holiday called Naked Hiking Day. Naked Hiking Day falls during the Summer Solstice and is a celebration of the freedom one experiences on the trail (or an excuse to get naked).

I learned of the holiday last year during my Appalachian Trail hike. While approaching the summit of a hill somewhere in MD, I heard a man’s voice coming from the other side of the hill say, “well, it’s going to be someone’s lucky day.” As we passed I noticed all four of them were naked (2 men, and 2 women). We said our “good-days” to each other and continued on our opposing ways as if nothing was out-of-the ordinary. Ignoring the pink elephant as one friend would put it. At the next shelter I saw a note in the log book announcing the holiday’s arrival and the signature of the 4 participants. They were the only participants I met but it was definitely an experience I will remember for a long time, and who knows, one day I might even participate (but not likely, I get enough bug bites and pack rub on exposed skin already).

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