me paddling

This past weekend I borrowed a kayak from Steph and went paddling/camping with Scouts. It was a really fun trip accented by excellent weather. I paddled around School House Creek (or “crick” depending on dialect) for several hours and eventually flipped the boat while playing boat tag. What came next was a lesson in slapstick comedy as I tried to work my way back into the boat. Fortunately, the camera did not have a memory card in it so no pictures survived the debacle but I’m sure the few witnesses to the event would attest to it’s hysterical nature. I ended up getting back in the boat but not before I had almost completely swamped it and paddled it back to the pier with the boat 3 inches below the surface of the water. At the pier we were able to dump it and pump it.

my tent

Father’s Day was very nice. I met my family for dinner at one of their favorite places to eat, Texas Roadhouse. The food there is good and the service has always been great too, it’s just a bit of a haul down in Pasadena. The drive went by fast though with the windows and sunroof open and the music blasting. Afterwards, I drove to Sabrina’s aunt’s house for their celebrations.

I was still pretty tired from the camping trip and being out in the sun all day (and playing volleyball until 1am) so I was exhausted by the time I got home and thought I would get to bed early. Abby however, had a different plan and she was sick most of the night waking me up occasionally to help clean up a mess or howling periodically (since she was locked in the bathroom).

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