New Mexico Trip

I spent a week in the mountains of New Mexico and had a great time!  The weather was very nice.  It would start out in the upper 60’s in the morning and by mid-afternoon be in the mid-90’s.  One of the great things about the weather out there though is that the humidity is only in the 15% range.  You could usually count on a rain storm in the evening that would cool everything down but some of the electrical storms were very scary (and too close for comfort). 

I got to use some of my new camera equipment as well.  My new flexible mini-tripod proved very useful.  Not only was it great for getting a shot from the rocky terrain, I was able to get some good shots by wrapping it around branches when there weren’t any good spots on the ground.   I also tried out my new 55mm/1.8 lens that I’m really starting to love.  The small focal length really proves for some interesting shots. 


I saw a lot of great scenery including several waterfalls along my hike.  The water was freezing, my legs were literally numb when I walked out of the water but it felt great while I was in there.  I also found some wild strawberries next to the falls that were very delicious.


The elevation proved a little challenging.  I started out at 6,500+ feet for the first few days.  I was constantly thirsty despite hydrating a few days before leaving and I had a slight headache nagging me.  On about day 3 I had adjusted to the elevation which was good because I went on a hike that took me about about 4,000 more feet.  The air felt pretty thin and at points I felt as though I suddenly had asthma. 


It was a great trip and I definitely will be looking forward to heading out west again next year. More Pictures.


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