Day 17

Day 17

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This is a pic from inside the Corcoran Gallery of Art where I went to see the Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz photography exhibitions. This picture is from a European decorative exhibit that happened to be there too.

The two photographic exhibitions were great and very inspiring. I related a lot with Ansel Adams and envied him. He liked to hike off to remote places and take pictures of places few people had seen dragging along a large format camera and tripod. He was very active in the Sierra club and visited a lot of National Parks that I would love to see.

Annie Liebovitz was a good exhibit too. She did more portrait photography but expanded into landscapes later in her career. I’ve been doing the opposite and trying to find a way to expand into portraits. Along the exhibit were little quotes from her about what she was trying to do with her photography or why she took a shot. There was a really interesting quote about the time she was getting into landscapes because she had lost her friend and parents and it was easier to photograph landscapes because she didn’t have to deal with people. I couldn’t agree more. It’s much easier to take a picture of a landscape that is already appealing to the eye than to take a person and make them appealing to the eye. I don’t mean for that to sound so coarse, I just mean that you don’t have to pose or light landscapes, Mother Nature does that for you.

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