Day 9 of 365

Day 9 of 365

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Here is yesterdays shot. I like this one a lot more than Day 8. It was fun to take too. I’ll call it my GQ/Clark Kent pose šŸ™‚

On other notes, I’m at over 8,000 pictures on my older Digital Rebel and I’ve taken 1,000 pictures on the new camera in about 2 months. Actually, I haven’t said anything about my new camera on here before so let me fill you in:

I bought the new Canon 40D to upgrade my classic Digital Rebel 300D. It was a great camera but I started to realize some of its limitation in my photography, mainly the 6 megapixel sensor and the very low burst mode (about 3-5 pictures in RAW mode). And let’s face it, nothing like a new toy to brighten your day, if only temporarily. The 40D is closer to the professional camera than the Rebel line. It features 10MP and a 25 picture Burst in RAW mode (amazing). It’s solid and my hand fits on it very well (a problem I had with the Rebel XT and XTi). It also came with a very nice lens that has image stabilization and an internal focus ring (so my filters don’t turn). I love taking it out to shoot and I’ve been trying to get out at least once a week to take some shots. It’s a very good stress relieving activity for me.

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