Day 23

Day 23

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I got my very own studio light kit over the weekend and I decided to play with it a little to compose this shot. Portrait photography is still very new to me but I’m excited about the challenge of learning new techniques and learning all about lighting.

I had to work this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. It was kind of a drag to have to physically go in to work but the work itself wasn’t that bad. We just hung out and waited for things to break so we could fix them. Easy enough.

I’ll be working on my perimeter security design project this week and try to get a majority of that done and out of the way. Its a huge paper and a big part of my grade. Speaking of grades, I got a 92 on the midterm so I’m very pleased with that.

I have an exam to complete in my Wireless Security class this week. I feel pretty good about the exam, it’s just a matter of finding the time to complete it before Thursday.

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