Day 30

Day 30

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30 days of self portraits. I’m really not the egotistical, I’m just trying to have some fun and challenge myself to take a self portrait every day. I’ve skipped quite a few days and found that it can be really hard to a) remember to take the picture and b) feel like taking the picture.

I had intended on doing a shot about me starting to work out today in an effort to lose my depression weight but I had showered and changed into my PJ’s before I remembered so this will have to do for day 30.

On day 28 I bought a new hat from REI. I also went to the Apple store in Towson Town Center to try and get my airport extreme repaired. I found out that you have to make appointments to see their tech support geniuses so I made appointment for the next morning.

Day 28

On Day 29, I had a real good time at breakfast with my parents at Cracker Barrel. Then I headed to my appointment at the Apple Store. They are going to replace my airport but they didn’t have any in stock so they ordered me one and will call me when it comes in. I also picked up my winter jacket and Wii on this day. I played the Wii for about an hour and a half and had forgotten how much fun it was 🙂

Day 29

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