Day 35

Day 35

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Last night was the holiday party for work. I won a $100 gift card good at a bunch of restaurants in Maryland. It came with a 5 page booklet of restaurants that accepted it. It was pretty cool and I had a good time at the party. I was the only non-manager from the security group to go so that was interesting but the food was pretty good. I had some prime rib and some herb baked salmon as my main course. I filled up on cheese and crackers when I first got there because I was hungry and paid for that later with a belly ache.

I also got my review at work. I was very pleasantly surprised with it and even given my recent personal issues, I still managed to get the same score as my last review. So I might not have shown as much progress but at least I’m not falling behind. Keeping my head above water.

This weekend I’m going away with the other grandchildren to Ocean City to see the Christmas lights. My Mom and Grand Mother take the grand kids down each year usually on the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year we postponed it a week so everyone could go.

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