Day 39

Day 39

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That’s one giant cup of hot chocolate.

December 5th was the birthday of several of my friends. Laci, Nick, and Eric all share this day. Its one of the few birthdays I can remember but that’s because so many people share it.

December 14th is my cousin Derek’s 18th birthday!

I just finished up the second of three exams for my IAE-611 course. It was a pretty tough exam. It was only 20 questions but they were pretty difficult questions. I finished my IAE-680 course on 12/10 leaving me with just 7 more classes (including IAE-611) to go. Next semester I signed up for one 16 week course. I wanted to take two 8-week courses but couldn’t find the right combination to meet my schedule so I will take it a little slower with the single 16 week course.

On the work front I just got some bad news. I’ll be losing my desk downtown and now be forced to work from the Owings Mills location. I’m not real happy about it because the commute to Owings Mills is awful. I’m not sure what I’m going to do just yet but it leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling.

In other bad news, my camera stopped working properly. That’s right, my new EOS 40D. It happened at Skateland when I was taking pictures for Boy Scouts. It stopped taking pictures on auto-focus and then I noticed the scroll wheel next to the shutter button wasn’t functioning properly. I called Canon and now I have to ship it back for repairs. Luckily, it’s still covered by the warranty but I still have to go without my camera most likely for the holidays. I do have my backup Rebel.

To end on a good note, I went and saw the Xmas light display in Hampden on 34th street. It was really neat. It was nice to see what appeared to be a close knit bunch of neighbors who took the time to spread some holiday cheer. There was an artist in one of the houses who welcomed you into his home to see some of his pieces. From the street, there was no missing his hubcap Xmas tree.
Hub Cap Xmas Tree

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