Day 40

Day 40

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First, Happy Birthday to my cousin Derek.

On to the updates…
My classes are finished for this semester which by itself is reason for celebration. This semester has been a real chore trying to balance my school work with my real work and everything else that went on with me these last 16 weeks. I’m glad that classes are over and I’ve only signed up for one course next semester. I’m hoping that a lighter load will be a little less stressful and I won’t have so much anxiety about completing things. I feel confident about my grades and I should get at least B’s, although I’m secretly hoping to keep up my 4.0 GPA.

Today is also the day that the gifts for my adopted family were collected. I adopted a small family through work where I buy gifts for the holidays for people struggling to make ends meet. It’s a very rewarding experience and I highly encourage everyone to do the same. Sabrina and her family introduced me to the joy this brings last year at this time. She adopted a family again this year and I adopted my own.

On Saturday, I had fun building a TV-B-Gone kit. This little remote control cycles through almost 50 different TV signals and tries to power them off. It came as a kit but with no directions except what was on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). I had to solder all of the parts on and I got to use my cold solder gun for that. It was a lot of fun and using it is even more fun. It’s a great prank to pull on someone or at a bar when people are watching the TVs.

TV B Gone kit

Tuesday (12/11) marked my one year anniversary with Legg Mason. It’s been a good company to work for so far and I’ve really enjoyed the projects that I’ve worked on. I haven’t accepted any interviews since I’ve been here so I must be enjoying it. There was a bit of bad news delivered to me that I will now be forced to commute to Owings Mills on a daily basis where my new cube will be. I’m not real happy about that but we’ll see what happens.

I picked up an iPhone this week (as a response to the bad news in the paragraph above). Overall I’m really enjoying the experience. There are a few things that I find lacking but most could be fixed with a new OS release or once the Software Developers Kit (SDK) is released in February.


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  1. Eric Betts
    February 20, 2008 at 12:54 am #

    Ha! I remember you asking me about the iPhone but I didn’t realize you drank the kool-aid. Hope you’re enjoying it, I’m loving the new 1.1.3 update. I really hope the SDK will provide opportunities for better Linux support.


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