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Women in black

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Today is my last day working downtown. I’m getting moved to the Owings Mills office. I’m really going to miss working down here. It was a great place to take a walk and clear your head not to mention all the great places to eat. There are a lot of neat stores to go shopping and pick up really unique gifts. The street entertainment is top notch. We had a local middle school band playing in our lobby today. Yesterday there was a strolling minstrel who sat down on his milk crate and played me a tune for a buck.

I’ll also miss the protesters. For the longest time we had three guys standing in front of our building with a large banner protesting a labor dispute with Price Waterhouse Coopers. There was also a local union that took up protesting at various spots nearby and on Fridays you could count on the Women In Black to be standing on the corner of Pratt and Light protesting the war in Iraq.

The view from the 25th floor was nice too. Often I would stand up to take a stretch and escape the cloth covered cube walls and I could see the beautiful architecture of the city structures or the orange luminance of a setting sun on the glass. Its a very unique perspective to be 25 floors up from the streets below.

I’ll also miss the commute! I get a 1 hour nap on the ride into work on the bus and an hour of reading or tv watching on my ipod/iphone on the way home. It cost me 7 something a day to ride the bus but I don’t have to pay tolls, parking, or for gas. I loved my commute down here.

So long downtown…I will visit you on weekends occasionally.

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