Day 46 – On the deck of the S.S. John W. Brown with Brownie.

Day 46 [365]

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I feel like a lot has gone on since my last post so I’ll try to cover it all and hopefully won’t forget anything that I wanted to talk about.

First the picture. This picture was from the gun deck of the S.S. John W. Brown. It’s a World War II Liberty Ship that is docked in Baltimore. A volunteer crew works to maintain the ship as a piece of living history with a maritime museum, tours, and cruises. Our scout troop was invited to stay overnight on the ship and learn a little from some of the volunteers that help maintain the ship.

Day 45 [365]

As you’ve probably guessed, I have my camera back. I really missed it and felt lost without it. I also got really behind on my 365. I could have used my old camera but it just wasn’t the same. My remote didn’t work with the old camera so I would have had to do everything with a timer and my studio flashes also didn’t work with the old camera.

I went to Deep Creek lake with my friend Nick for the MLK weekend. It was a great time but it was very very cold. We played Wii on Satruday and then went tubing on Sunday which was fun.

The biggest news in this post is that while I was there, I got a call from my cousin Derek on Sunday. He had his Board of Review for his Eagle Scout rank and passed. I’m very proud of him for having earned the highest rank in Boy Scouts. This is something that less than 1% of all Boy Scouts achieve. Derek is number four from the Panther patrol to earn this rank. It’s a great honor for sure.

The first phase of my project at work went very smooth. We had two minor issues that were resolved very quickly and the product has been well received so far. The next phase is scheduled in a few weeks but I foresee even less issues with that roll out. It’s going very well.

Over the weekend, my friend Matt and I got to see Cirque Dreams at the Hippodrome. I’m a huge fan of Circus related acts and this was NOT a disappointing show. The Cirque shows have really opened a new avenue for circus acts and have at least prevented the complete demise of really spectacular acts. The regular circus has gotten smaller every year but Cirque seems to be expanding its operations and shows.

I guess that’s all for now.

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