50 Days of Self Portraits

Day 50 [365] – Music

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Yesterday marked the 50th self portrait (SP), I’ve taken and published to the threesixtyfive Flickr group. Some pictures have been better than others but I’ve certainly learned a lot and I think that my photos are getting better. I’m very happy to have my camera repaired and back in my hands (or back on my tripod).

This series of shots was for the theme “My Love Affair with Music.” I think it also depicts my love affair with Apple products.

I’m busy planning a trip (or possibly two) for this summer. The first trip that I’m planning is for my birthday. I want to visit the Grand Teton’s National Park and Yellowstone. Right now I’m thinking of flying out to Salt Lake City and then renting an RV and driving up to the parks.

The second trip I’m planning is to Havasupai Falls in Arizona. My friend Sean always talked about getting a group of us together to hike down to the Indian Reservation and staying at the base of the falls for a couple of days. I’ve been looking at it online and it looks like an awesome place to see.

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