Basketball and San Diego

I’m staying at the Parto’s tonight because tomorrow, Mrs. Pam is giving me a ride to the airport.  I’m off to sunny San Diego for 5 days.  I’m really looking forward to taking a lot of pictures while I’m out there and getting to play on the west coast for a few days. 

Last Saturday night I ended up working into the wee hours of Sunday morning doing a system upgrade.  I didn’t intend on being there so long but the backup took longer than expected and one system took a really long time downloading the upgrades.

The D&D Pick

During the day Saturday I took a trip up to Hamstead to visit with my friend Frank and take photos at his boys basketball game.  Frank has been trying to use his camera to do sports photography and wanted some of my guidance.  I shared some tips and used the opportunity to practice myself.  The game was really good and the kids played great. 

Pre Game Focus

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