Day 51 – Orange glad to see me

On Saturday, I went to the Washington Capital hockey game with Stephanie and her Cousin, Bert, and his fiance’, Leah. The Caps lost 0-2 in the last few minutes of the game but it still was fun to watch from the third row. We took the Washington Metro down and it was Leah’s first time on the metro.

I’m on day 3 of my new diet. I signed up for the NutriSystem plan where they send a month’s worth of food and your menus are pre-planned. With how busy things are at work and how late I get home usually, I never have time to go to the grocery store or prepare meals in advance so I end up eating out of machines or carry out windows. I’ve put on almost 50lbs since August. Some of that can be attributed to my medications but mostly its just bad eating habits. I thought I was going to get a bunch of frozen meals but actually, it’s all items that can be stored in a pantry. I’ve had food like lasagna, eggs w/ veggie sausage, black bean soup, and chocolate cake. Everything was really good, except for the chocolate cake but it was bearable. For the most part I’m not really hungry and I eat something every 2 hours. You do have to supplement the meals with your own veggies and fruits but I just had Steph pick some up from the store when she went for herself. I’ve already dropped 4.5lbs although I’m leery about making a judgement this early in the game, so far it’s good.

On Sunday, the dogs and I spent the day together. They love roaming the yard but aren’t real big fans of the hard wood floors. We had a great day together and they are going to spend Saturday and Sunday with me this weekend.

Next Thursday I leave for San Diego, California for a few days. I’m going to stay with Jackie and Jay while I’m out there and they just got a new couch that I get to break in. I’m also going to see TracyAnn and Conlin too. I wanted somewhere nice to go where I could take some pictures. Everything here is too brown or washed out with the winter light. I wish we had real winters in Maryland, snow and all that. Makes the cold a little more bearable I think. Since I had a place to stay in San Diego and the weather is Sunny and 70, I figured it was the perfect place to go.

My trip to Havasupai Falls is shaping up. I have the itinerary down, I just need to see if anyone is interested in going with me and pick a date to go. Since the reservation has limited camping spots, you have to book them in far in advance to ensure a spot. I’m hoping to have my dates picked out by next week.

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