San Diego – Day 1

San Diego – Day 1

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Landed in San Diego last night. The flight out was good despite having a delay leaving Baltimore so we had to catch a later connecting flight. We got to San Diego about an hour and a half later than planned. No biggie though.

We had to rush to catch our connecting flight in Dallas so I wasn’t able to get anything to eat in the airport, which I didn’t think was a big deal since we were supposed to be offered a meal on the next flight. Unfortunately, the meal was some sort of weird chicken wrap that did not look good so I ended up with a big cookie and coke for dinner.

I also watched Desparate Living on the flight out. It’s a 1977 John Waters film and if you know anything about his films, it was completely disturbing and I loved it. I always seem to watch his movies with my mouth wide open in a look of total shock and disgust. He really invokes strong emotions and shock in his movies and I really like that.

Jay and Jackie’s apartment is really nice. They have a lot of nice artwork and photographs on the walls which makes it really feel cozy. They took us to an “In and Out” burger joint. It reminds me of Five Guys with the limited menu and fresh beef but Five Guys offers more options for toppings on the burger. The food was good and it hit the spot after my lackluster dinner.

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