Slow Week –

It’s been a rather uneventful week.  Work has been pretty busy which I like because it makes the days go by faster. 

This is a shot from back in October at Port Deposit.  It’s one of my favorite landscape pictures that I’ve taken to date because of the rich colors.  Steph and I got there just before sunset and took pictures for a good hour in the failing light.  Luckily, I brought along my tripod and was able to capture this with a 30 second exposure. 

Since I don’t have much to right about me, I thought I would share one of my favorite web sites. is a site to trade used CDs.  You can listen to CDs on their website and then you add them to a “Want” list.  If someone has that CD, they’ll ship it to you and it will costs you just a buck ($1).  Likewise, if you have CDs that you no longer want, you can ship them to a wanting person (sorry, you don’t get the $1, Lala keeps that to keep the site going).  I’ve found that it’s a great way to freshen up your music collection and sample albums without shelling out $9.99 on iTunes. 

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