Day 58

Day 58 of 365 Self Portraits
Today’s self portrait is another hint into my Spring project. I also played with the lighting and post production (PP) to give it that dark and sinister feel. I was using two vivitar 285’s at 45 degree angles behind me to do a combination back/rim lighting effect.
Day 57

Server Administrator Tip – MySQL Backup Script
I was looking for a way to automate the process of backing up all of my MySQL databases, preferably building the database list dynamically so that newly created databases would automatically be backed up. I had learned the benefit of this the hard way when I lost some data during a server reinstall because I had not yet added some new databases to my previous back up script. I also wanted something that would do daily rotating backups so that I could restore to a previous point in time if I needed to. All of these requirements were satisfied by the Auto MySQL Backup project found on Sourceforge. This is just a shell script and you modify a few variables at the top of the file and you are on your way. You might want to create a backup user specifically for this process and if so, here are the permission they need:

GRANT SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO backup_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘xxx’;

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