Hat Day

New Hat, New Pic
I went out today and got myself a new hat from Hats in the Belfry in the Inner Harbor. They had a lot of great hats there but this one from the Goorin Brothers fit me well. To celebrate the new hat, I decided to try and get back into my 365 project.
Day 56
Studio 54
Over the last several weekends I’ve been working on building a photography studio. I built a backdrop stand out of 1″ PVC piping and suspended the backdrops using a combination of medium sized binder clips and 2″ binder rings. The backdrops can be easily changed by sliding them back and forth. I also picked up two Vivitar 285s off of eBay and finally got myself some PocketWizards to control my flashes. All of this is in preparation for a special project I have planned starting in the spring. I’m keeping it under wraps for now until it becomes a little more of a sure thing.
My home studio Studio Curtains
Damn Dam
This afternoon Stephanie took her sister and friend up to Conowingo Dam to get a look at the water they are letting through. I had been it get out for a orking all weekend on a lab and exam for school so I tagged along. The water level in the Susquehanna has gotten really high due to all of the rain that we’ve gotten and the melting snow from up north. The dam has had to open many of its flood gates and as a consequence, many of the communities down river (Port Deposit) have experienced various levels of flooding. We went to Port Deposit to check out the situation (plus it’s a nice drive). There was a large tree stuck under a dock near a marina and a good bit of driftwood at a park next to the river.
Conowingo Dam
This speed limit sign was at the fisherman’s park at Conowingo Dam. I thought it was such an odd speed to set that it was worth a picture.

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