Long Weekend

I enjoyed a few days off this weekend.  Friday was a corporate holiday so I seized the opportunity to take my cousins down to the Inner Harbor and use them to practice my portrait photography.  Since the sun was setting by the time we arrived, I practiced using my Vivitar 285 as a fill flash and with pleasant results for a first try. These skills will come in handy for my Shutter On The Street project (shameless plug). 

After the picture taking, we walked down to the Inner Harbor Amphitheater and watched Evan Young perform.  I’ve seen Evan perform before and it’s a never a disappointment.  His interaction with the crowd is consistently good for a laugh and his juggling/balancing skills are just as entertaining.  For a chilly March Friday, I think Evan did a good job of pulling in a crowd.  My cousins thoroughly enjoyed the show and were all enthusiastic to drop a tip in the bucket.  I’ll be looking to feature Evan on Shutter On The Street sometime soon.

After the show we were hungry and decided to go to  Five Guys for dinner.  We were distracted on the way by Hats in the Belfry, so we all stopped in to try on some hats.  At Five Guys, our crew took up the entire counter and everyone loved the food (of course).  When we were finished, we went downstairs to the photo booth and took some silly shots.  We all crammed inside and got some crazy group photos and then we broke into family groups and took some more shots. 

On Saturday I went downtown again to work on my Shutter on the Street project (third mention in this post but I won’t link it again). I don’t want to give too much away but I met Ray Coullier, a full time balloon bender. For it being the early stages the project, I’ll say the trip went pretty well. I could be happier with the photos taken but I had a good time talking to Ray and watching him interact with people, both old and young, throughout the day.

Sunday was Easter and I did the traditional dinner at Mom-Mom’s with the family. I’ve really been enjoying spending time with my family lately. My cousins are all at really cool stages of life and they have impressed me every time I’ve taken them out. Six cousins used to feel so overwhelming at times but lately I’ve found them so much fun to be around that I welcome a chance to hang out with them.

I can’t pass up a chance to see the circus so after Easter dinner I tagged along to the circus with Steph, her mom and her sister. It was the last show of their visit to Baltimore and their was hardly anyone there. That didn’t stop me from having a good time though. Derek went Friday night with his friend and got to go back stage and meet a bunch of the performers. Next time I want to go with him!

On Monday, I took off so that I could go to the Science Center with my Mom, Dad, Mom-Mom, Sister, and six cousins. We went purposely to see the Body Worlds exhibit. My Mom had gone the week prior and really enjoyed it so we all went together as a family. The exhibit was very intriguing and not nearly as disgusting as I originally thought. We explored the rest of the Science Center afterwards and it had been so long since I had been to there that I forgot about all the exhibits. Then we all had dinner at Uno’s at the harbor.

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