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Shot of the Day
I took the opportunity of the nice weather we were having and went up to Havre De Grace to snap this shot tonight. 

On Saturday, I built a backdrop stand and completed my make shift studio in the basement. It was just a basic build using 1″ PVC piping and some large clamps to hold the background fabric up.  I’ll be enhancing it shortly using rings to make retractable backgrounds that can be pulled back or changed.  It’s coming along nicely.
My home studio

Photo Shoot
On Sunday, Derek came over and I took some portrait shots of him in his Scout uniform for his Eagle Court of Honor.  The session went really well and we had a good time.  Afterwards, we met the rest of the cousins for dinner at Kobe’s.

I worked all weekend on a lab for school that was due last Monday.  I confused the due date with today.  I had an awfuk time with the lab because the software I chose to do it kept crashing and wouldn’t stay up long enough to complete the crack.  I documented the results clearly and hopefully despite being unsucessful, I’ll get a decent grade.  This week is another busy week for school work with my second exam being due and another lab due.

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