Weekend Wrap Up

The past weekend came and went in a flash. On Saturday, Steph and I went downtown to scout locations for a family photo shoot I’m doing this Friday. While in Fells Point, I met Vernon and Tiffany. A homeless couple trying to find shelter for the evening. We talked for a good 20 minutes and I convinced them to let me take their picture. Vernon was very photogenic and happy to comply but Tiffany took a little more convincing. I hope that they find shelter over their heads, food for their mouths, warmth for their body, and joy for their heart. Despite their circumstances, they seemed happy to be together.

Vernon and Tiffany

I also took the opportunity to get some practice for my project featuring
street performers and entertainers. Since it was such a nice day and so close to St. Patty’s day, their seemed to be plenty of entertainment on the streets. Fells Point had a bag pipes player and a sign spinner and the harbor featured a juggler and a guitar player.

On Sunday, I watched Born Into Brothels. It’s an interesting documentary about a photographer, Zana Briski, who went to the red light district of Calcutta to live amongst the women there and document their lives. In the process, she taught the children of some of the prostitutes about photography and helped get them accepted into good schools based on their photographs. Zana went through a lot to get the children accepted to the boarding schools and to get them out of their destructive environments. Sadly, many of them were not able to stay in the school for various reasons which was disappointing but I really enjoyed seeing how the children took to photography.

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