Havasupai Trip Log – Day 1

Today is the day.  It’s the start of my trip out to Havasupai Falls.  My flight leaves at 7:30 tonight with a brief layover in Chicago and I’ll be in Pheonix by midnight (Arizona time). 

After we land, my Dad’s cousin is greeting us with water for our hike in and fuel for our stove (things we couldn’t take on the plane).  We’ll then drive 6 hours to the hill top that is the parking lot for Havasupai reservation.  We’ll start hiking at first light.  It’s 8 miles to the reservation’s town where we’ll check in and then another 3 miles to the campsite at the base of the falls. 

I’ll be carrying a 22lb. pack (that does not include water) and an additional 10lb. camera bag.  I’m sure I will have lots of pictures and videos to share when I get back on Sunday. 

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