Weekend Wrap Up

After work on Friday, I went over to Don Pablos for some chips and a drink with some co-workers.  It has been a busy couple of weeks at work and I needed to wind down a little.  I headed back to the house to grab something quick to eat and my camera stuff and went downtown.  I had to work at our downtown office at 9pm so I took the opportunity of the free parking at our building and went down early so I could work on my street entertainer photography before I had to actually work. 

At the amphitheater there was a break dancing group and they were fantastic.  I watched two of their shows and the guys were really photogenic.  They would look right at me and strike poses or point to me to get my attention right before they were about to do something big.  I got quite a few “keepers” out of the session.  After the show I talked to their manager for a little while and got some background information for a future post on Shutter on the Street.

Before heading over to work, I stopped in at Hats in the Belfry.  They had a really unique Kangol hat that I liked so I picked it up.  It’s now the third hat I’ve bought from there.  I think I have an addiction 🙂

I picked up my dogs Saturday morning so they could spend the rest of the weekend with me.  We went for a walk when we got back and ran into Carla, Steph’s neighbor.  Carla is an amazing woman!  She has five adorable, well mannered children that she home schools.  Her husband has to travel a lot for work but she manages keep a very happy home.  Her latest addition to the family, little Naobi, was delivered breach, at home, while Carla was standing in the corner.  It was an absolutely amazing story that had me looking at Carla as if she had wings on her back and a halo around her head.  Anyway, Carla’s other daughter Seraphine loves dogs so she walked Abby up the street while I walked Tess.  It was a lot of fun and Seraphine really enjoyed it.

I worked on some more pictures for SotS.  Just trying to get ahead.  And then I watched “Shoot Em Up”.  It such a guy flick but it was great!  Nonstop action and great fake gun scenes.  I saw it described somewhere as gun porn, and it was.

After the movie I ordered a pizza and started to watch the UFC fight.  To make a long story short, my pizza was never delivered because they couldn’t find the house.  For whatever reasons, the house is not on any maps despite the development being here for 4 years or more.  So I had to run out and get my own pizza which stunk but I was hungry and there wasn’t much left in the house.  Besides, Dominos and fight night just go together for me. 

On Sunday, I took the girls home and then went to Leah’s to watch Eraserhead.  It was a very odd movie about a man, some crazy dreams involving a woman in his radiator and his mutant child.  Its was released in 1979 and has become a cult classic.  I don’t think I’ll be recommending it to anyone though 🙂

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