This past weekend was busy.

Friday night I went to the Orioles game with Bert, Chris, Leah and Steph. We watched the Orioles come from behind and win the game against the Pirates 9-6. It was a pretty exciting game and afterward we were treated to fireworks at the stadium. My Dad got me the tickets and they were great seats in the club level along right field. Chris and I were trying to start “the wave” and decided it would be best if we split up. Chris went down to the lower level and I worked the club level and we were finally able to get the wave going around. Chris watched the remaining innings from the third row next to three very cute girls who invited us out afterwards. Unfortunately, they were going out in Pasadena and that was just a bit out of the way for us.

Saturday was my cousin’s birthday party at my parents house. It was a lot of fun. She had a dunking booth and I of course took a turn in the hot seat, or cold seat if you consider the water temperature of the tank. I think I did a good job getting the kids worked up and determined to dunk me 🙂 My Dad was a great teacher in that aspect. I also dusted off my devil sticks and fire eating torches and did a mini-show for my cousins. It’s been years since I’ve done any of that and I was surprised at how well the skills kept. I’m a bit rusty but I’m sure it would come back if I practiced a little.

I took my camper down to my parent’s house on Sunday so that they can open it up and clean it before we go to Cedar Point next week. Surprisingly, it wasn’t in that bad of shape. It needs to be wiped down and cleaned but at least there wasn’t anything living in it this time. We also had a father’s day picnic at my parents house that day and all the kids climbed in the camper to check out their accomodations for the following week. It was cute to hear them “planning” where everyone was sleeping and they were really excited about the trip.

I also went to HonFest on Sunday. This was my first year going but I’m really looking forward to going again. It is such a hysterical exageration of Baltimore stereotypes, ala John Waters. There was plenty of food and plenty of “Hons”. Even Courtney got in on the action and had her done up in 60’s style bigness after a little encouragement (ok, a lot of encouragement).

Photo Courtesy of Evan Young.

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