Freaks, wonders and human curiosities…oh my!

After work tonight I’m heading up to Brooklyn, NY for my weekend trip to the infamous Coney Island. I’ve never been before but I hear that they this may be their last year (I heard the same thing about the 2007 season) and if it’s a clever marketing ploy, it worked! NYC - Brooklyn - Coney Island - The Cyclone

I’ll work during the day tomorrow from the hotel but I’m taking a lunch break to go visit Natalia, the saw lady. She’s a musical saw player that saw my street performer photography project and asked to be photographed. Since we first made contact, I’ve really enjoyed following her blog. She meets so many interesting people throughout the day and has a really nice demeanor about her. I’m looking forward to meeting her and including her in my project.

While Coney Island is famous for many things (the hotdog, the Cyclone), the main draw for me is the Circus Sideshow. I have a deep appreciation for the side show arts and I’m like a little kid excited for a trip to Disney World. I’ve secretly wanted to attend the side show school at Coney Island but logistics always seem to keep it just out of reach. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show.

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