Essential Mac Apps for new Mac Owners

Here’s a shot of my new MacBook skin from GelaSkins There are a lot of talented artists on there and the skins are high quality prints.

My MacBook skin by you.

Today another one of my friends converted to the glorious world of Apple Computers. This is the third person at work that has recently switched to Apple based computers after consulting with me. It seems that every one of them asks me for advice on software and resources for their new purchase and I though this time I would make a blog post about it.

The first place is my delicious bookmark list of OS X related pages that I bookmark:

Quicksilver, this app is hard to explain but it’s a productivity life saver and very efficient, I’m all about efficiency. Basically, you hit ctrl-space on the keyboard and a little window pops up. You start typing the name of an application or a document and it finds it and will open it for you. But much more than that, if you hit

once you have found your file, you can choose to print it, email it, copy it, or any number of actions.

CyberDuck is a convenient FTP/SFTP/SCP application.

plays just about any video file.

HandBreak is great for ripping a DVD to your Mac’s hard drive so you don’t have to carry a stack of DVDs with you on a trip.

NeoOffice is a freely available alternative to M$ Office. It opens Word and Excel documents.

Chicken of the VNC is a remote desktop/VNC client.

These are some of my favorite blogs that I get Apple news and software suggestions from:
Infinite Loop
MacBreak Weekly Picks
The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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