Off to Boston…

I write this while sitting at BWI airport waiting for my flight to Boston. The first flight was booked so I volunteered to get a bump to get a free round trip ticket. The later flight arrives in Boston two hours later(1:30pm) and since I couldn’t check into the hotel until after 4pm it was a win-win for me.

I’m going to Boston for training for work but I’m taking advantage of the location and meeting with a few street performers there for my street performer photography project.

Tuesday night I did a photo shoot with Dan from Be More Training. He’s working on a project and asked me to take some shots of his wife training with kettle bells. It was a lot of fun working with both of them and I’m looking forward to doing more with their project. I’ll post a few of the shots once I get them cleaned up.

Today is also Friday which means a new post on Shutter On The Street. This week talks about the effect of bad weather on street performers. The picture that was posted was a version of a photo I submitted to JPG Magazine. You can see the shot submitted to JPG in the top right corner of this website. Click on it to vote for it and hopefully it will get published. Voting is open until August 12. I would greatly appreciate the support.

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