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There has been a lot going on lately and a lot more going on in the forecast to come.

The highlight of the last few days came when my cousin, Derek, had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It’s the official ceremony that welcomes him into the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts. The ceremony was great and the whole family was there to celebrate Derek’s success. Of course I brought my equipment and got a few candid portraits while everyone was there.

From Derek’s Eagle COH

Speaking of portraits. I had a lot of fun with Courtney, Steph’s sister, shooting dance portraits. Fortunately for me, Courtney was out of town when her dance studio had a pro come in and take portraits so Mrs. Pam, her mom, asked if I would take them. I was very excited and nervous about doing formal portraits but I had a great time with them. Courtney is generally so energetic and hilarious to begin with so capturing it on film was the easy part. We did some formal poses but Courtney couldn’t help but let some of her natural personality come through.

This pose was one of my favorites from the day.

Now for some fun ones. The black and red one is Courtney doing “the robot” and the other is Courtney’s expression whenever she gets up on her toes (“ouch”).

You can see most of the shots at my new site:
For these shots, I picked up a backdrop stand and some seamless white paper. I had to move all of the furniture out of half of the living room to get the 10′ roll in place. It was my first time working with the seamless and I found it to be much easier to work with than the white muslins I had done for the BeMore Training shoot. I also went to Ikea and found some props for the studio, including the black and red stool that perfectly matched Courtney’s jazz costume.

House Studio by you.

The shooting I’ve been doing lately has me really thinking about picking up photography as a second income. And with the looming economic issues this nation is facing, a second source of income isn’t a bad idea.

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