Labor Day and Cannon Balls with handles

Labor Day was a lot of fun this year. I went to the beach as I always do and stayed in my family’s new beach house. It’s very nice and is very modern compared to our old place. The old beach house was very sentimental to me and I’ve made a lot of memories there but I will grow used to the new one in time.

This week has been all about experimentation. I experimented a lot over the weekend with my photography from new equipment, new techniques, and new concepts. Since this is a rush post, I won’t get it all out here but it will be a series of post over the next several days and I’ll provide examples of what I’m talking about.

I also experimented this week with a new trend in fitness. Dan over at Be More Training catered me to a personalized training session. I was very surprised at what the session included. First, there was a diagnostic session were he monitored my movements doing seemingly simple tasks and noted how my body moved and if there was any asymmetry in my movements. I was very impressed at the amount of analysis that went into the program. Then we started with your basic warm up and stretches. Nothing too complex, just getting limber and flexible. Then he introduced me to the kettle bell, which is basically a canon ball with a handle. The apparatus is quickly gaining popularity in the training field and I have to say, it was a lot of fun to swing around. I was exhausted working out with Dan but never in pain. At times, I felt like I could barely stand, sweat was just pouring off of my forehead into puddles on the floor, and Dan would have me lay on my back and we’d do leg stretches. It was really incredible. He did a great job of maximizing my time with him without me feeling like it was too much. He pushed but I never felt bullied, he made me want to do better for myself. It was a great experience and I am definitely thinking about trying to fit some training sessions into my busy schedule. By the end of the session, Dan had me touching my toes, something I haven’t done in years. I was overjoyed in that little accomplishment.

Today is Friday so that means a new street performer photo over at Shutter On The Street. This week’s performer, Jonathan Burns, has no problems touching his toes. In fact, he touch his toes to his ears!

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  1. Dan Cenidoza
    September 15, 2008 at 11:38 am #

    Dude, serious pictures in the above post! How the hell did you get a full 180 degree shot of the boardwalk like that? Crazy!

    Hey man, glad you enjoyed the workout last week. Awesome write up BTW… I always appreciate hearing feedback.


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