Labor Day Pictures

As I mentioned in my previous post, I experimented a lot with my photography Labor Day weekend and since I really enjoyed some of the shots, I thought I would share them with a little info about each shot.

First off, I got some equipment that now allows me to geotag my photos as I take them. This means that you can see a map of where I took the photos. I’ll post a follow-up article in the future to tell you exactly what I’m using in my setup for this.

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This is a shot similar to the shot from the East Hamptons. I use the shutter speed to expose the background sunset and then I used my aperture and a flash with a CTO gel on it to expose Steph in the foreground. I was thinking that the CTO gel would mesh well with the colors of the setting sun but I think I should have tried a 1/4 or 1/2 CTO instead of a full CTO. I was also a tad bit late shooting this and the sun had just dipped below the horizon, a few moments earlier and I could have gotten more of the sun.

While we were at the pier, I also shot this panorama of the pier. I really like how it turned out and it reminds me of the work from Christos J. Palios. I’m having fun keeping an eye out for interesting panoramas and I definitely think this one qualifies. Since we’re on the subject, I posted the second panorama that I took that weekend of the boardwalk in Ocean City.

I took Steph to Assateague Island because she had never been before and I figured it would be a great place to get some interesting landscape pictures. On our way back, I noticed this giant shark in a parking and I just had to stop for a photo op. There were kids there who climbed into the mouth of the shark and their parents took their photos. I thought this was an awesome idea so I followed suit. Getting in was pretty easy. Then I had to find a way out and I was too big (and inflexible) to turn myself around inside the sharks mouth so I could come out feet first. The best I could do was get to my side and then literally roll out into the boat below. It was far from comfortable an0

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