Return from East Hampton

I tagged along with Steph over the weekend to a visit to her in-laws in East Hampton, NY. It was a sort of mini-reunion with everyone coming from out of town to meet at the Carabine’s home and to catch up with one another.

On our way into town, we stopped at Main Beach to take in some of the salt air goodness and then did a little geocaching before heading to the Carabine home. One cache had been muggled (Muggle” (or geomuggle) is used by geocachers to refer to those not involved in or aware of the sport of Geocaching. A cache that has been tampered with by non-participants is said to be “muggled”.), and another was hidden really well. We spent the better part of 20 minutes looking for it before I finally found it. As a newcomer to this activity, this was my first somewhat difficult cache, and really, it wasn’t all that hard, I just wasn’t expecting it to not be trivial like the previous caches.

Friday night started off with a heated political discussion that was actually really interesting to watch. Lines are clearly drawn in the family on where they stand but each side was able to rationally defend their point of view with decent facts and intelligent language. Although it was clear that no side would convince the other to convert, they seemed to really enjoy the intellectual stimulation and I was left very impressed with the breadth of knowledge of both sides. We stayed up pretty late talking (not all politics) and catching up.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we took advantage of the nice weather by exploring the area and taking pictures. We went to Springs, NY where there was a pond surrounded with a cool barn/blacksmith’s shop and old gas pumps.
Springs, NY

Springs, New York - 2008-10-03

Saturday evening, we all met at the beach for the sunset. The Carabine family had invited friends to join them for the view and just to meet at the beach to see each other. Alex went swimming in the ocean. He claimed the water wasn’t that bad and he seemed to be having a blast so it was fun to watch. Steph and I took the opportunity to grab some shots of the kids playing in the sand.

East Hampton - 2008-10-03-3839

Saturday night we enjoyed a real big dinner with the whole family. After dinner Steph and I worked on our pictures from the day, finding the “keepers” and post processing them. It was a good way to wind down from the day and reflect on the fun we had had. We all headed to bed a little early that night, tired out from the day’s activities.

The rain greeted us Sunday morning and ruined any shot of going out for pictures that day so we decided to pack up early and get an early start on our road trip. On the way out of town we stopped for Dreesen’s donuts for the ride home.

The weekend was a lot of fun and the hospitality of the Carabine clan is greatly appreciated. They are some of the most interesting and caring people I’ve met. I consider myself very fortunate for getting to visit with them and spend time with them. There are pieces of Sean in each one of them but they are equally impressive people on their own so it’s great getting to experience that.

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