Munny Madness

This past weekend was packed full of stuff.  I had to work all weekend as part of a disaster recovery exercise.  I arrived at 7:30am Saturday morning (earlier than I would on a normal work day) and didn’t get to leave until around 8pm that evening.  We were supposed to get out at 6pm but there were a few hiccups and we had to stay until we got things working.  Other members of my team were there until 12:30am.  Fortunately, my stuff was working and I had to get home for Munny Madness! 

I invited Evan, Noelle, and my sister over to paint Munny’s.  What’s a munny?  It’s a vinyl doll that you color, paint, and decorate to create a doll of your own imagination.  Noelle brought some awesome cookies that were still warm from the oven.  Amber brought a bunch of accessories and crafting supplies that were a real help to our munny creations.  We had such a good time that we went into the wee hours of the morning. 

Crazy AmberSteph Styles her Elf MunnyNoelle Contemplates her Munny's sign.Evan paints the hair for his Evan Munny

I did a self-portrait munny, complete with glasses, beard, and tattoos.
Munny Shawn

Amber did two munnys.  The first was Queen of the Mermaids
Queen of the Mermaids Munny

Her second munny was very sophisticated
Amber's second Munny

Steph did a very cute holiday elf.
Munny Elf

Noelle created a munny bearing the sign “Imagine”.  Deciding what was to go on the sign seemed to be the most difficult part of the night for Noelle.  We all contributed our suggestions but I think she went with the right choice.

Evan and Noelle's Munny

Noelle also did a Santa munny.  This one is a regular sized munny whereas the others were all mini’s.
Munny Santa

Evan created his munny to look like his Global Evan character.
Evan Young Munny

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  1. pam parto
    November 26, 2008 at 7:57 pm #

    These are great!!!!! You guys have great imaginations!!!!!!!!! Pam


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